Subscribing to services from Apple is a pleasant, useful and very necessary thing at certain points in your life. To expand the functionality – that’s for sure. But, unfortunately, sometimes there are times when we understand that this or that type of service is not useful or unnecessary for us, so you need to figure out how to cancel this subscription.

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In fact, canceling a subscription to paid services is not easy, but with the release of the new iOS 13, it has become much better than before. Today we will tell you how to cancel Apple’s paid subscription to any services.

How to Stop a Apple Music Subscription on iPhone?

To cancel a paid subscription you will need:

  • Unlock your smartphone and open the Settings -> Apple ID (icon where your name is indicated at the top);
  • In this tab you need to find the “Subscriptions” button and open it;
  • Having done these steps, you will see a list of your active or expired subscriptions;
  • You can unsubscribe by clicking on it;
  • Selecting the option you need in the pop-up window.


When the amount for paying for a subscription to an application on the App Store is suddenly deducted from a credit card, many often frantically start looking for where you can unsubscribe to avoid this in the future. As my personal practice shows, we usually just forget to do it on time. The main thing is to have an iPhone or iPad at hand: and now you know how to do it.

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