It often happens that you need to transfer files between two Macs. Of course, if we are talking about a couple of megabytes, then sending by e-mail will save. And what if you need to transfer a files of 2, 3 then 10 gigabytes between two Macs? Especially for such cases, I offer this little guide of 3 easy ways.

Sending via AirDrop

Thanks to the standard AirDrop function, you can wirelessly send photos, videos, sites, locations, and other data from one Mac to another:

  • On computers with macOS, select “Go” in the Finder menu bar;
  • If AirDrop is displayed in the Transition menu, this Mac can use the AirDrop function. The window will display the closest Mac users connected to the wireless network;
  • Drag one or more files onto the recipient’s image in the window, then click the Submit button.
How to Share Files Between Macs?

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To receive files from everyone, and not just from those who are in the Contacts list, use the “Allow My Discovery” setting at the bottom of the AirDrop window.

File Sharing via AppleTalk

If two Macs are on the same network, you can always share something with each other. Making it relatively easy.

  • To enable the file sharing feature in macOS;
  • Open the Sharing panel in the System Preferences and select the File Sharing option;
  • Now Mac computers and even Windows computers can recognize your computer on a local network.
How to Share Files Between Macs?

If you connect your Mac to another Apple computer running the latest OS using file sharing, your PC will try to automatically use the SMB protocol to establish a connection. If the SMB protocol is not available, the computer communicates using the Apple File Protocol (AFP).

Cloud Services

Nowadays, this method seems the most obvious unconditionally. I don’t want to list all the available services too much, I can only write about the one I use regularly.

Google Drive provides 15 GB of free space for free. This allows you not only to store information in the cloud, but also to quickly share your files with other users.


That’s all! After you have made the above settings, the Mac file sharing folder should be visible from computers running Windows running on the same local network and other devices.

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