iPad Pro is Apple’s first tablet to receive a stylus. Despite all the advantages of the Apple Pencil, iOS beginners may have difficulty connecting and charging it. In this article, I will tell you how to setup Apple Pencil with iPad or iPad Pro and charge it using a tablet or charging cable below.

Apple Pencil Setup

Connecting a stylus to your iPad Pro is easy. First, you need to activate Bluetooth in your tablet’s settings. To do this use following instruction:

  • Open the Settings -> Bluetooth section and activate the corresponding switch;
  • Next, with the Apple Pencil, you need to remove the cap with an aluminum strip;
  • Carefully hide it so as not to lose it (this happens very often);
  • Under the cap is the Lightning connector, which must be inserted into the appropriate connector on the tablet;
  • A screen will ask you to create a pair;
  • Confirm the request;
  • You can check the readiness of Apple Pencil for use in the Settings.

Note: Each time you turn off Bluetooth, you need to reconnect the stylus. The connection is restored instantly. Just connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad Pro – and in a second you can use it.

How to Setup Apple Pencil for iPad Pro?

How to Charge Apple Pencil?

Inside the Apple Pencil is a built-in rechargeable battery. If the stylus starts to work intermittently, it means that it’s time to replenish the charge. Fortunately, the charging process is very fast. There are two ways to charge Apple Pencil.

The first method involves connecting the stylus directly to the tablet via the Lightning connector. According to Apple, 15 seconds is enough to ensure half an hour of Apple Pencil, and a few minutes of charging will allow you to use it for several hours.

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The second way is to use the miniature Lightning-Lightning adapter that comes with the stylus. The adapter is often lost, so when not in use, it is best to connect it to the cable. In order to charge the Apple Pencil, you need to use an adapter to connect it to a cable, which in turn connects to the computer via a USB port, an AC adapter, a removable battery or a USB car charger. True, this method of charging will take longer than the first.

How to Setup Apple Pencil for iPad Pro?

How to Check Apple Pencil Battery?

Lastly, I also want to share a way to check the battery level. Checking the accessory’s charge level is very simple:

  • You need to connect Apple Pencil to your tablet;
  • Call up the Today screen (in the Notification Center) by swiping your finger down the screen;
  • In the “Widgets” section, a corresponding widget will appear indicating the charge level of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

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