Starting with the iOS 5 mobile operating system, Apple offers users the opportunity of free (through Internet traffic) messaging through the built-in iMessage messenger. However, so far not all owners of iDevices are aware of its existence – by default, the service is disabled and requires activation. How to enable, configure and use iMessage on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, we will explain in this material.

So, to work with a native messenger, it is necessary to configure it, while a number of options may differ depending on the version of the system, therefore, we will consider only the main ones.

What is iMessage for iPhone?

iMessage is a free Apple branded messenger that works only on company devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple Watch).

How to Use iMessage?

The service allows you to exchange messages between users of Apple devices without the need to install third-party applications. iMessage works in the Messages application along with familiar SMS and MMS.

Make sure that your device has an Internet access. The service requires an Internet connection.

How to Set Up iMessage on iPhone?

In case you are setting up iMessage on iPhone, then first of all, insert a working SIM card into your smartphone:

  • Go to “Settings” -> “Messages”;
  • Move the “iMessage” flag to the active position.
How to Setup and Use iMessage on iPhone and iPad?

Note: A warning will appear that “Some network operators may charge for SMS messages used to activate iMessage” – click “Ok”.

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Do not worry, the iMessage service is completely free (works via the Internet), but Apple warns that when activating the service, it is sometimes necessary to send an ordinary SMS, for which the cellular operator can withdraw funds from the account (in the amount of one SMS).

How to Install iMessage?

This function is preinstalled in your device, all you need is activate it. When you click the link that appears on your Apple ID for iMessage, all you need is to enter your Apple ID and password. Just be patient for the service has been activated.


After activating and configuring the iMessage parameters, using the service (sending and receiving free messages) is possible through the regular iOS application Messaging – just launch it on the iPhone and iPad, select the contact you need and make sure that the input field is marked “iMessage” The Submit button is displayed in blue. The text of the sent iMessage message will also be highlighted in blue.

If the contact is displayed in green, this means that the subscriber does not have iMessage activated or he is not a user of Apple products. An ordinary paid SMS message will be sent to such a contact, provided that the option Send as SMS was activated in the settings of the Messages application. The text of an ordinary SMS message will be highlighted in green.

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