Starting with iOS 13, the official Apple messenger was able to set the profile image and name separately from the contact card. This allows you to show your friend your name and profile photo when typing a message from a new phone number, even if you are not in his contact list. If you want to reduce the number of situations when you receive messages from an unknown number, then learn how to set the image for iMessage profile for iOS.

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How to Set my Photo as Profile Picture in iMessage?

This function is quite simple to configure. What is noteworthy, the picture setting is available even on iPhone without Face ID:

  • Open the Messages app with the iMessage function activated;
  • In the upper right corner click on the button with three dots;
  • In pop up menu click on “Edit Name and Photo”;
  • Tap on “Choose Name and Photo”;
  • On the next page choose three dots button;
  • Then click on the menu item “Edit” to access the new settings;
  • In this menu you can select the picture or create animoji;
  • To create animoji, click on the circle with the image next to the text fields. Then press “+” to create a new animoji;
  • After creating, click on it to select its type, and then set it as the image of your profile;
  • Press “Done”.


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