The iPhone and iPad have a timer that is convenient to use when cooking, while playing sports, or to increase productivity at work. In this article, I will show 2 ways to set a timer on an iPhone or iPad.

The timer in iOS can be set from 1 second to 24 hours. If you need to detect, say, a couple of days, it will be easier to use Reminders or add an event to the Calendar.

How to Start a Timer on iPhone and iPad?

It should be noted that this guide is exactly the same for both the Timer on iPhone and the iPad Timer app:

  • Open the Clock application;
How to Set a Timer on iPhone and iPad?
  • In the application, go to the Timer tab;
  • Set the timer to the desired number of hours, minutes and seconds, swipe up or down;
  • Click on “When Timer Ends” to change the sound signal at the end of the timer (Optional);
  • Click “Start” to start the timer;
How to Set a Timer on iPhone and iPad?
  • You can turn off the timer at any time by clicking Cancel, or pause it using the Pause button. When the time runs out, the selected ringtone will play. Pull the notification to open an advanced menu with the option to stop the timer or restart it.
How to Set a Timer on iPhone and iPad?

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How to Start a Timer Through Siri?

With a smart assistant, time tracking is even easier. If you have Siri voice activated, you don’t even need to touch the screen. Say “Hello Siri” to start the assistant program and specify the task: for example, “Set the timer for two minutes” (the “Start the timer” or “Turn on the timer” commands will also work). You can call any time within the previously designated boundaries.

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