Congratulations for your friend’s birthday or other important events can be scheduled in advance, but iPhone does not provide the ability to send them at a specified time. Apple has not yet integrated this feature in iOS.

However, there is still a way to send scheduled texts on iPhone, albeit with certain limitations. This trick with a timer for messages works with both iMessage and SMS. The timer can be set from a couple of minutes to several days. Below we will tell you how to do it.

How to Send Scheduled Messages?

Below we will understand in detail how to configure delayed text messages on your iPhone:

  • If the Shortcuts app is still not installed on your iPhone, download it;
How to Send Scheduled Text Messages on iPhone?
  • Now download the “Delayed Time iMessage” command from here and install it as usual;
How to Send Scheduled Text Messages on iPhone?
  • Run the command through the Shortcuts app, and then select the contact you want;
  • Now enter your message;
  • Select the time to send the message;
  • Let the Shortcuts app run in the background so that the message is sent at the appointed time.

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It’s important do not to close the Shortcuts application, otherwise the message will not be sent. Although this method is not an official function, it works.

For a better result, do not set the timer for too long, it is better to choose a dispatch in a few hours or minutes.

You can also use the Reminders app to simply remind your iPhone to schedule text and send it at the right time. To do this, just ask Siri to remind you of the message at some time. Many have used this method for years, and it works no worse.

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  1. Nancy Jackson Reply

    Hi, I just downloaded the Shortcut “Delayed Time message.” I am running the shortcut from my iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 13.1.3. Background Refresh is turned on. The shortcut works only when My Shortcuts has the focus.

    1. I ran into an issue because I had a passcode on Documents. I removed the passcode.
    2. I turned Show on, left My Shortcuts up on the screen, and the shortcut ran right up until the send message operation was required, and it stopped, waiting for me to manually send the message in imessage.
    3. I turned Show off, left My Shortcuts up on the screen, and the shortcut delivered the message.
    4. I left Show off, maneuvered the focus away from My Shortcuts to the Home screen, and the message was not delivered.

    Is there anything we can do to get the shortcut to send the message when it doesn’t have the focus but the phone is still on and My Shortcuts is still open in multitasking?

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