Sometimes there are situations when the user needs to know, what version of macOS do I have? Typically, the need for this information arises when installing programs, or if the device is running a beta version or when filling out an error report sent by Apple.

By following the instructions below, you can easily determine which version is running on macOS.

Why you Need to Know, How to Check macOS Version?

This data may be needed when installing software that, for example, does not support older versions of OS X or early macOS. Also, this information is important for beta testers who need to check which build of the beta version of the OS is installed on the device. In addition, when filling out a bug report on the form, you must specify the macOS version so that Apple can initiate and fix the problem.

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How to Check OS Version on Mac?

  • On the computer desktop, in the menu bar, click on the Apple symbol;
  • Select “About This Mac”;
How to See What Version of macOS I Have?
  • Select “Overview” section;
  • The macOS version is displayed right under the “macOS” heading.
How to See What Version of macOS I Have?


Keep in mind that the OS version and build number should not be confused. Even if the macOS version numbers are the same, the assembly numbers for Macs may vary. For example, after buying a new Mac, users may notice that with the same version of the OS, the build number may differ from those installed on other computers. It just means that a newer version of the assembly is installed on the new Macs. If the build is already out of date, you can update it using the Updates tab in the Mac App Store.

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