Did you know that the Mail app in iOS has a search function? That’s right, the “native” email client on the iPhone and iPad allows you to find the right message in seconds. However, this function is not striking, as it is called by gestures, and not by pressing a button.

In the Mail application on iPhone and iPad, you can easily find the letter you need by any word, name or term, by searching among all the letters received and in certain mailboxes.

Today I will tell you how to quickly find the letter you need using keywords as queries in the Mail app. Unfortunately, at present, many mailboxes are clogged with a large number of various mailings and just plain spam, so finding the right letter is quite difficult.

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Search Mails in iOS Mail App

Need to find a specific letter in the mailbox, but no time or desire to shovel all its contents? Use the hidden search function. How to do it:

  • Open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad;
  • In the inbox, swipe down on top screen under the letters or drag the letter down;
  • A hidden search bar will open;
  • Touch the field to enter the keyword that will be searched;
  • Enter the word, name, email address, term, phrase or date in the search field;
  • All matching search results will open in a separate list.


The search feature in iOS works very quickly, but factors such as the state of your device and the reliability of your Internet connection can affect its speed. By default, the search is performed among all incoming emails, however, if you have several mailboxes or you have added additional accounts to the Mail application on your device, you can open these mailboxes and look for the desired letter there.

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