The new operating system expanded the capabilities of the Notes application and added an improved document scanner to it. The trick works on all devices with iOS 13, even on iPadOS.

iPhone Notes App

iOS 13 brought a lot more useful innovations than was originally announced. One of them is the updated Notes application, which now supports scanning and marking documents. Probably at first glance this function seems to be pretty, but how useful can this little feature be?

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Trick with iPhone Photo Scanner and Notes App

  • Launch the Notes application;
  • Create a new note and press the “camera” icon button;
  • Select the item Scan documents;
  • Point the camera at the desired document, the system itself will try to recognize the boundaries, take a photo;
  • You can adjust the borders of the document and apply filters to improve the readability of the scan copy;
  • When the scan is completed (you can take photos of several documents at once), click Save.


All SIM cards will be saved to the created note. In the future, you can export scan copies to other applications through the Share menu, where you can also choose to save to PDF or print a document.

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