For several weeks we continue to explore what Apple introduced in iOS 13. Everyone has already discussed the dark design theme. One of the largest transformations occurred with the application “Photos”. In this article I’ll show you, how easily you could save images in iOS 13. Detailed guide will be discussed in this article.

How to Save Photos in iOS 13?

Now in the iOS 13 Photos App is not only easier to find the photos you need, but also a little more convenient to save and share them. When you receive photos, you can save it. To save images attached to emails, iMessages, and other n programs in the iPhone, you need to perform a number of simple steps that take only a few seconds. To save photos in the Photos application or in iCloud, you need to make small changes to your smartphone’s settings and make a few taps on a message or email.

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Saving Photos

  • Tap and hold on the attached photo;
  • Choose the option “Add to Photos” or “Save Image” (the name of the function may vary depending on the application);
  • The photo will be saved in the Photos application.


As you can see saving photos on iPhone become much convenient. It is also worth noting that for most applications that work with photo or video content, for full functioning, access to some user data or device functions is required.

If you did not allow access to such data at the initial launch of the application, you can always change the decision in the settings of your device. You need to open Settings -> Privacy -> Photos and make sure that the switch next to the application name is set to ON.

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