If you like some images on the Facebook social network posted by your friends or published by a group, you can repost it to yourself on the wall. But what if you want to Save it in your own collection?

Go crazy, not understanding how you can download photos from Facebook through the application on iPhone? Fortunately, you can simply click and select Save Photo in the pop-up window, as in iOS. This functionality is supported in the Facebook application recently. So do not worry: I will tell you how to quickly and easily save photos from Facebook to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

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Saving Photos

  • Run the Facebook app;
  • Open the photo you want to save in a full-screen mode;
  • Press and hold your finger on the image, then a menu with several options will pop up;
  • Select “Save Photo”;
How to Save Photos from Facebook to iPhone?
  • Now go to the Camera Roll and you will find the image you just saved.

In fairness, I want to note that before there was no such function built into the application. Agree, the proposed method is very simple and quite convenient.


Image uploading is available both on the website and in the mobile application for modern phones. In the future, they can be sent, for example, via an instant messenger, another social network, or added to their collection.

If you know other secrets, you can share them in the comments!


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