Perhaps not very pleasant, but the fact is that Microsoft Windows has been the dominant platform for educational, administrative and business institutions for years on end. And iOS and Mac users who prefer to edit documents in Pages, if they do not want to look like outcasts in the office, must learn how to export files in .pdf format. Fortunately, the corresponding functionality is kindly built into the application itself.

There is a difference between the latest and older versions of Pages in how the algorithms for exporting data to PDF are implemented. All that is required of the user is updated on time. After all, Apple is not in vain meeting the needs of users, now the software package, which includes Pages on Mac, is free – there should not be any problems with downloading and installing.

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How to Convert Pages to PDF?

The following instructions describe the process of exporting data in Pages of the latest version to a file with the extension .pdf format from Adobe:

  • Launch Pages;
  • Open the desired document, which must be saved to a file for PDF;
  • Click on the “File” menu on the top panel;
  • Select “Export to”, and in the opened submenu we look for the same “PDF”;
How to Save Pages Files as PDF?
  • Pages will open another window in which in the “Word” tab we are interested in the “Advanced Options” section;
  • The final step – it remains to figure out what the new file will be called;
  • Type the desired name and click the “Export” button.


Keep in mind that the use of various specific characters in Pages, such as the same Emoji icons and other beautiful, but “heavy” editing, significantly complicates the export process. They may also be distorted during export.

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