Whatever the debate between users of macOS and Windows does not exist, it is necessary to recognize the fact: one way or another, they constantly have to interact. As a particular example, you can take the Word editor, which is undoubtedly the dominant solution in education and business. Therefore, you should know how to establish a connection Pages vs Word.

How to Move Pages in Word

Between the latest and older versions of Pages, there is a difference in how the algorithms for exporting data to Word format are implemented.

Apple, it’s not in vain that they try to make there usage of macOS more convenient in every new version. And now the software package, which includes Pages, is free – there should be no problems with downloading and installing.

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The following instruction describes the process of exporting data to the latest version of Pages to a file with a .doc or .docx extension.

How to Save Pages Files in Word Format Doc or Docx on Mac

We launch Pages and open the required document which needs to be saved in the file for Word:

  • Click on the “File” menu on the top panel, then select “Export to”, and in the submenu that opens, look for the same “Word”;
How to Save Pages as .DOC or .DOCX?
  • Pages will open another window in which in the “Word” tab we are interested in the “Advanced Options” section, indicated by a dark triangle;
How to Save Pages as .DOC or .DOCX?
  • The key point is that the stable version of MS Word 2003 is still installed and is being properly used on thousands of PCs, but it does not recognize the .docx format. Accordingly, it is worth wondering which Office package is used where our file will be sent, and then select the appropriate extension;
  • The final step is to figure out what the new file will be called, type the desired combination and click the “Export” button.
How to Save Pages as .DOC or .DOCX?


How to Save Pages as .DOC or .DOCX?

As you can see, everything is very simple. If you have a document in Pages format and do not have access to the program itself, you can use one of the online conversion services.

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