macOS has an excellent design and most tasks are easily performed. Unfortunately, if you want to install a MySQL server on your Mac, then it is not always easy, like everything else.

How to Start MySQL on Mac?

The first step is to starting MySQL Server on Mac, we need to install it. Download it from the MySQL official site:

  • Select the version that matches the version of your macOS;
  • Download the DMG file and run it;
How to Run MySQL on Mac?
  • After that, open the installer that came with it, and follow the installation steps;
How to Run MySQL on Mac?
  • WARNING! During the installation process, the program will inform you of a temporary root password. It is very important to save it somewhere to further customize the database. Otherwise, you will have to reinstall the program again.
How to Run MySQL on Mac?

When the installation is complete, let’s see what to do next with this program.

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MySQL.Server Start/Stop/Restart

After the installation is complete:

  • Open “System Preferences”;
  • You will see a MySQL icon;
  • Click on it to open the “Preferences” for the MySQL server;
How to Run MySQL on Mac?
  • After that, click on the “Start MySQL server” button to start it. Be sure to check the “Automatically Start MySQL Server on Startup” checkbox so that you do not have to repeat this step again;
How to Run MySQL on Mac?
  • To disable the MySQL server, click “Stop MySQL server”.
How to Run MySQL on Mac?

If you want to manipulate the MySQL server through the Terminal, here is a list of basic commands. Start “Terminal”, write these commands and press after each “Enter”:

  • mysql.server start;
  • mysql.server stop;
  • mysql.server restart.


In truth, this article is rather a superficial material for beginners who are faced with the problem of running a database on their Mac. It is possible that when using this guide, there will be a lot of questions about working with the mysql server, as this is very specific and professional software. Anyway, if you still run into a startup problem, then you will know how to act.

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