It happens, you shoot a video in a horizontal position of the smartphone, and the video is vertical – or vice versa. And how to deal with this? It turns out that on an Apple Mac computer, turning the video into the correct position is easier than a steamy turnip. Two clicks – and you’re done!

Rotate Video on Mac

The cool thing about this board is that you don’t need any third-party applications to rotate the video. If the video is shot on an iPhone or iPad, it’s enough to merge it onto the Mac and open it in QuickTime Player.

Now start the video to determine exactly which way to rotate the video, and in the Edit menu, click on the Rotate left or Rotate right item.

How to Rotate Video on your Mac?

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In both cases, the picture in the player window will rotate 90 °. And if you correctly determined the direction of rotation, immediately after clicking the video will fall into place. It remains only to press the Command + S keys to save the changes and, if you wish, to upload iCloud to your library to share with friends or access the video from any of your Apple devices.


Not every video can be expanded, because not QuickTime does not read all formats. However, iPhone and iPad video formats will be read without any problems. After turning, you just need to save the result and send it back to your photo library application.

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