To free up memory on the iPhone, they often clean the library and photo albums, getting rid of the photos that are needed and not so much. But if you reduce the size of the photo, it will also save. Such a solution is less obvious, but effective. This reduces the amount of memory involved and traffic during the publication of photos on the Internet.

How to Resize Pictures on iPhone via Mail?

Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have a built-in tool that would allow to recognize metadata and change the parameters of pictures. You can see the weight of the image and resize it through Mail application, but this method is rather long and complicated.

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To resize images following sequence of actions must be done:

  • Select a picture in the application on which we are conducting the experiment;
  • Click “Share” (usually the icon is located in the lower left corner);
How to Resize Pictures on iPhone?
  • Click Mail icon;
How to Resize Pictures on iPhone?
  • Fill in the “To” field – in this case, you should select your mailbox, all the same, the letter will not be sent;
  • Click “Send”;
How to Resize Pictures on iPhone?
  • Confirm that you want to send a letter with a blank subject.

Examine the information that appeared in the window and choose one parameter:

  • “Small” 320×240;
  • “Medium” 640×480″;
  • “Large” 1632×1224;
  • “Actual” 3264×2448.


On the other hand, if you store your entire photostream in iCloud, you can use the Files application to view the size of the photos. But if you want to change pixel size of your picture, then the Files will not help you with this.

Users who want to resize image on iPhone in order to increase the amount of free memory should download the special utility Resizer from the App Store, which turns the image correction into a five-minute case.

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