AirPods has become one of the must-have accessories for music lovers. What a disappointment when the headphones do not want to connect to the iPhone or they are discharged faster than before. In most cases, you just have to use the charging case more often and leave the AirPods for longer. If the “crutch” does not suit the user, you should try to return the headphones to their original state.

AirPods in just 2 years on the market have become incredibly popular, even considering the high cost. The praise towards wireless headphones is quite reasonable, they are easy to use and very reliable. Most reviews of respected resources include:

  • superb sound;
  • autoplay;
  • pause works fine;
  • interacts well with Siri, accurately responding to commands.

Despite the fact that the owners of AirPods are rarely encountered with problems when using them, yet sometimes problems can occur. Most often, these are errors related to the connection and pairing. In the event that nothing helps, you should reset the AirPods settings. How to do it?

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It is worth noting that resetting the settings is the only solution if you want to untie the wireless headphones from your iCloud account, in case they are sold later.

How to Reset AirPods Manually

To reset the headset to the factory settings, do the following:

  • Put the headset in the “AirPods case”;
  • On the back of the case, click on the “Setup Button” and hold it;
  • After the status indicator flashes amber several times and then turns white, release the button.
How to Reset your AirPods?

How to restore AirPods if they are not Сharging?

Obviously, when a headset breaks, it should be taken to a service center. Usually users do this. There is one “but” – charging problems are not always the result of a breakdown. There are a couple of basic diagnostic measures that are easy to do yourself:

  • Make sure that all cables are connected and there are no physical problems on them: abrasions, cracks, serious damage, check the correctness of the connected device;
  • The case for charging and headphones should be positioned correctly. AirPods must fit properly in the case;
  • Try to put the case on for 15 minutes to charge. The case with the headphones inside you need to bring to the iPhone, then you should open the cover. It should maximally bring the device together;
  • After a few seconds, a connection to the headphones appears (if Bluetooth is activated). Lightning should appear next to the AirPods icon.

Such a procedure often helps to solve these problems.


If the positive effect of these actions has not come, it is likely that technical assistance will be required. It is better to contact an Apple-certified center or support service.

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