How to reset password on iPhone? With this question, hundreds, if not thousands of users of Apple smartphones go online every day, it is not for nothing that the forgotten password is one of the most common problems among iPhone owners. In this instruction, I show you what to do in case you forgot the password on the iPhone or iPad.

Factory Reset iPhone or  iPad without Passcode

Attention! Before we start the procedure with restoring an iPhone, make sure of the following:

  • Resetting your iPhone through iCloud involves deleting all data from the device. It is recommended to resort to this method of resetting the password on the iPhone only if you previously made a backup copy of the device and subsequently can recover from it;
  • After resetting the password via iCloud, you will be required to enter the username and password of the Apple ID to which your device has been linked. Be sure to make sure that you remember your account details. Otherwise, access to the iPhone will fail.

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How to Reset iPhone or iPad Without Password?

Important! Once again, I warn you that data recovery on the iPhone will be possible only if you previously made a backup of your device in iTunes or iCloud. If there is no ambiguity then follow the instructions below:

  • Go to from your computer;
  • Log in to the service by entering the details of your iCloud account;
How to Reset Password on iPhone or iPad?
  • Launch the Find iPhone web application;
How to Reset Password on iPhone or iPad?
  • On the top panel, expand the “All devices” list and select the device on which you forgot the password;
  • On the device page, click “Erase”;
How to Reset Password on iPhone or iPad?
  • In the window that opens, confirm the operation by clicking “Erase iPhone/iPad”;
  • Enter the password to finally confirm the start of the process of deleting data from the iPhone and resetting the password, as well as answer security questions;
How to Reset Password on iPhone or iPad?
  • Next, iCloud will ask you to specify the number and message that will be displayed on the iPhone screen. These steps can be skipped by clicking “Next”, and after “Finish”, since the need to use messages arises only when deleting data from a lost or stolen device;
  • After you click Finish, a full reset will be performed on your iPhone (the first time you connect to the Internet). Together with all the data, the password will be deleted!


You just have to carry out the initial setup of the iPhone. On the Activation Lock screen, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID account information.

By the way, you also could reset iPod Touch the same way.

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