Although Bluetooth is a fairly reliable technology, some old Mac owners may still have difficulties. In order to once we solve problems with pairing devices, if we have Bluetooth won’t turn on Mac.

There is still a way out of the current situation and there is a high probability that this is just a software failure, and not a hardware problem. And in today’s article we will look at hardware resetting the parameters of the Bluetooth module and reset its functionality on a MacBook or iMac.

Reset Bluetooth Module

This method is probably the easiest, although it sounds somehow unfriendly. If your MacBook Pro Bluetooth not working, here is a list of actions you need to do:

  • Close all running applications and return to the Desktop;
  • Hold Shift + Alt (Option) together and click on the Bluetooth icon on the control panel;
  • Choose the item “Debug”.
  • Click on “Reset Bluetooth Module”.
How to Reset Bluetooth Module on Mac?
  • After a while, when a reset occurs, you will need to reboot the system for the changes to take effect.


Now Bluetooth should earn properly. It should be taken in mind that after this operation you will have to configure all wireless devices again. In my previous article, there are more ways to troubleshoot Bluetooth problems on Mac.

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If none of these methods helped you, the problem is most likely in the hardware. In this case, you will have to carry your MacBook or iMac to a service center.

Write in the comments below if any of the above methods helped you.


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