With the release of iOS 13, many applications have changed the interface, Apple Music was no exception. In today’s article, I will tell you where the mode of repeating a song or album in Apple Music has moved and how to find it.

Repeat Songs in iOS 13

I think many of us like to re-listen to the same track several times, and, of course, the Music application has long had such an opportunity. However, in iOS 13, Apple decided to hide the snooze button one layer deeper.

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Putting songs and albums on Apple Music for repeat is not so simple. Firstly, the repeat icon is hidden in the application, and secondly, not everyone understands what happens when you click on it.

How to Make Apple Music Repeat Songs?

Now, in order to get to it, you need to:

  • Click on the card of the currently playing song;
How to Repeat Songs in iOS 13?
  • Tap on the list icon;
How to Repeat Songs in iOS 13?
  • Then tap on the repeat icon;
How to Repeat Songs in iOS 13?
  • Moreover, one click of the repeat icon will enable looped playback of the current album, and double – the current song;
How to Repeat Songs in iOS 13?
  • After that, to quickly jump to a repeating song or album, just click on the list icon and the repeat status will be displayed on it.


If you want to repeat a specific song, double-click on the icon. It will not only turn pink, but the number 1 will appear on it. This means that only this song will be repeated.

Putting music on repeat is not very difficult, but not super-easy either. First you need to find the icon, and then also guess what he is doing.

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