The article contains instructions on how to remove a VPN service from an iPhone or iPad if you no longer use it. For example, they set it on a trip to another country, and when you returned home, you want to delete it.

What is a VPN for?

A VPN connection is useful for travelers and users who want to maintain privacy on the network and circumvent regional restrictions. In addition, many companies have a VPN so that employees have access to internal resources and data through a secure corporate network.

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How to Remove VPN from iPhone or iPad?

In the screenshots we will show how to remove VPN from iPhone. For iPad, the procedure is the same:

  • Open Settings -> General -> VPN;
  • If the VPN service is turned on, turn it off, changing the status to “Not Connected”;Select the VPN service that you want to delete, to the right of it click on the icon (i);
  • Click Delete VPN;
  • Confirm the action.

Note: If you need the VPN service again, you will need to re-add the profile or configure the VPN manually.


Many VPN services provide VPN profiles that make installing and removing VPNs easy. This also works for a manually configured VPN.

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