Users ask: what to do in a situation when the iPhone and iPad were lost or stolen. How to find a gadget, block it or completely erase all information from it?

First of all, you should report the missing law enforcement. There are cases when they helped to return the gadgets to their rightful owners. If you do not rely on our valiant police, follow the instructions below.

The guide further provides that the Find iPhone feature (or iPad, or Mac) was enabled before your device was lost or stolen. Therefore, right now go to the iOS settings and activate the function in the Settings -> iCloud section.

Remote Wipe Data on iPhone or iPad

If you did it in advance, you can try to find the device from another device using the “Find iPhone” application from the App Store or a special web service on The following are screenshots from the iPad.

If your gadget is on and has access to the web, you will see it on the map. On the iPad, you can select the desired device by clicking on the “My devices” button in the upper left corner.

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Select the desired device, after which you will see a few buttons. The icon with the image of the car allows you to pave the way to the lost gadget, the button “Play sound” is used to search for iPhone and iPad “by ear”, and “Lost mode” allows you reset iPhone remotely.

Put the device into search mode by clicking on the button “Lost mode”. Your iPhone or iPad will be locked with a 4-digit password and will display a custom message with a phone number to contact you. When the device is in lost mode, you can track its movement.

If you are sure that you will not be able to return the gadget, it remains to use the last option – the Delete button on the iPhone. This will lead to the complete removal of data on the device, after which it can not be found or tracked.


Even if your lost gadget is disabled, you can still block it remotely, put it into a loss mode, or erase it. Commands will be executed immediately after connecting the device to the Internet.

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