In Preview, a free utility that installs with the operating system, it’s quite simple to resize the image on a Mac. In Preview, you can crop the image or resize it without installing additional programs for this. Learn how to resize images, remove unwanted areas and change resolution in the Preview app.

How to Compress Photos on Mac?

Find the image you want to resize. This method will help you resize the entire image. If, before resizing, you want to crop a portion of the image, go to the “Crop Image in Preview” method.

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To find a name or image tag, open Finder, and then click on the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar and follow the next steps:

  • Drag the image onto the Preview icon in the Dock or Finder. This will open the image in the Preview app;
  • You can also right-click on the image and click “Open with …” and select “Preview”;
  • Click on the Tools option, and then select Adjust Size…;
How to Reduce JPG File Size on Mac?
  • Change the resolution of the image. Resolution is measured in pixels per inch;
How to Reduce JPG File Size on Mac?
  • If the result still does not suit you, then you should also refer to the Export function with reducing quality. Click File -> Export;
How to Reduce JPG File Size on Mac?
  • Select the file format JPEG and change the file size below using the slider.
How to Reduce JPG File Size on Mac?
  • Save your result!


It seemed to me that it was already more impossible to resize images on my Mac. I can edit several images at the same time using the Preview application, and it does an excellent job of this.

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