If you want to capture a moment that you think will make for some good memories or if it’s simply a rare occurrence that you want to show everyone in your circle, then you would need to know how to record a video on a Mac. To accomplish this task, we will have to make use of the Mac’s front-facing FaceTime camera and a built-in application. Both of these tools make it really easy on how to record a video of yourself on a Mac screen because they are simple to understand and not much complexity in execution.

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Though there are other ways you can record a video on a Mac for social media or quick recording purposes, we will stick to the webcam and a QuickTime player because they both are well integrated together on virtually every Mac. After you are done recording the video, you can later save the file and either upload it anywhere on the internet, edit it or store it on your Mac’s hard drive if you like.

How to Record Movies on a Mac

Utilizing the QuickTime player gives us a lot of advantages, the main one is using the built-in microphone to record a video on the Mac with sound. It also includes other great features like a screen recorder that captures whatever is on Mac’s display and another option that records whatever is present on an iPhone or iPad’s screen. Using the QuickTime player is also fairly simple, fast and efficient so that is why we prefer it more than any other third party app like iMovie, from which you can also capture videos directly. The steps below will tell more on how to record a video on the Mac with the external camera and the application.

  • First, you need to launch the QuickTime Player on the macOS, it I located in the /Applications folder;
  • After it is open, pull down the File menu and select New Movie Recording;
How to Record Videos on a Mac with Webcam and QuickTime?
  • The FaceTime webcam will be activated and then the software will then show the webcam’s display on the screen;
  • If you want to start recording, click the red Record button to do so;
How to Record Videos on a Mac with Webcam and QuickTime?
  • When you are done recording, you can press the Stop button to end the recording. You can also use the trim function to shorten the video;
How to Record Videos on a Mac with Webcam and QuickTime?
  • To save the video, go to the File menu and select either Save or Export;
How to Record Videos on a Mac with Webcam and QuickTime?
  • After you do so, the software will prompt you for a name and location. Give your file a name and select the location of where you would want to save the video recording.
How to Record Videos on a Mac with Webcam and QuickTime?

The file that will be saved after this process will be a .mov QuickTime file but you can change the format when you are about to save or export it. Don’t worry if you have already saved it as a .mov file as you can, later on, save the recording in another format if you need to.

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