Spotlight is a flexible and functional tool, the capabilities of which have long gone beyond the usual file search in the system. Today in macOS with it you can not only find data on computer disks and installed applications, but also quickly find out the weather, perform numerical calculations, search for information in Wikipedia and other sources, as well as perform dozens of other actions. Read more about the possibilities of Spotlight should be read on the official Apple page, it can significantly improve and speed up your interaction with macOS.

However, Spotlight does not always work perfectly, especially if a lot of data is stored on your computer. If you do not find the file or data you need in the search, you should initialize the re-indexing procedure. Unfortunately, in macOS there is no direct configuration that allows this, but there is a trick that will help to start the indexing anew.

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Rebuild the Spotlight Index

  • To do this, go to “System Preferences” -> “Spotlight”;
How to Rebuild the Spotlight Index in macOS?
  • On the first “Search Results” screen, we will not need it, but here you can remove unnecessary data types so that they do not interfere with the Spotlight search results and are not indexed again. For example, you are unlikely to look once again in macOS fonts, so you can safely disable them;
  • Next, go to the “Privacy” tab;
  • Initially, it is needed in order to exclude certain folders or applications from being indexed. This is necessary so that in the output of Spotlight, for example, videos from your library are not shown, but you can use this function to index all the files on your computer again.
  • To do this, add all your hard drives to this list. You can do this by clicking “+” and selecting them in the Finder side menu or in the drop-down menu at the top. If your hard disks are not displayed there by default, then open the Finder settings and tick the corresponding item.
How to Rebuild the Spotlight Index in macOS?
  • Now that you have added all your hard drives to the exception for indexing, remove them from this list  by clicking “-“.
How to Rebuild the Spotlight Index in macOS?
  • Make any search query in Spotlight. This will re-index the files.


The indexing process will take some time. You can not add all the disks at once, but only specific folders where you store your data. This will speed up the process.

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