If you think that when you open Finder, you see all the files on your Mac, then this is not at all. Like any other OS, macOS contains hidden files and folders, which, if necessary, can be accessed in just a couple of seconds. In this article I will share a trick, how to view hidden files on a Mac.

Show Hidden Files on Mac with Shortcut

To show hidden files documents on a Mac, in Finder, or on the same desktop, press Command + Shift + . (dot).

How to Quickly View Hidden Files on Mac?

Mac will shows hidden files immediately previously inaccessible files, and you can edit them – as a rule, this is sometimes necessary when working with some applications.

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Many Mac users are unaware of this trick, even after working with Apple computers for several years. It is noteworthy that you can hide these files again with the same command, which is very convenient.

Honestly, I only recently found out about the existence of shotcat for displaying hidden files. Previously, I had to go into the settings, but all this is in the past!

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