There are times when updating the firmware via Wi-Fi or a system failure your iPhone, iPod or iPad refuses to boot in normal mode. If such a problem arises, do not worry, you can solve it yourself in almost any situation, if it arose at the software level, you only need to restore the firmware. On devices with the iOS operating system, updating and restoring firmware can be done simply by putting it in Recovery mode.

In this article I will tell you what Recovery Mode is, how to enter and exit this mode.

iPhone 8 Plus Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is the program mode of the device’s firmware in which the main system files are not affected, only their integrity and recovery are checked, iOS settings and parameters are reset, and updates are made, if any, during update.

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If on the screen of the device you see an image of a USB cable and the icon of the iTunes program, then your gadget is in Recovery Mode. The device goes into this mode as soon as you begin the process of updating or restoring iOS using iTunes on your computer, or you yourself put the iPhone and iPad into Recovery mode, also it calls put iPhone 8 (Plus) in DFU mode.

How to Enter Recovery Mode

Attention! It should immediately be noted that all the actions you take are at your own peril and risk, unpleasant complications occur when solving the problem yourself. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is worth contacting a service center for a qualified restoration of the device, but if you are used to solving problems yourself, then you are welcome.

You can transfer iPhone, iPod or iPad to Recovery Mode from absolutely any state of the device:

  • Connect your device with a USB cable to PC, Mac;
  • Open iTunes on your Desktop computer;
  • Press and release your iPhone 8 “Volume Up” button;
  • Do the same with “Volume Down” button;
  • Next, holding the Power button until the iPhone 8/Plus is in recovery mode;
How to Put iPhone 8 in Recovery Mode?
  • After that you will see an alert message saying an iPhone has been found in Recovery Mode;
  • Done!
How to Put iPhone 8 in Recovery Mode?

How to Exit Recovery Mode

Quitting recovery mode is pretty easy. To do this, press and hold the Power button until the device turns off, then press the same Power button again to turn it on again in normal mode.

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It also happens when the iPhone, iPod or iPad refuses to exit Recovery Mode. The device enters Recovery Mode Loop mode. In this case, to bring the device out of this mode, you need to use special utilities like TinyUmbrella, redsn0w, RecBoot.

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