Do you communicate with foreign colleagues or just want to indicate the correct stress in the word? I will help put the right emphasis in macOS.

All these punctuation marks and emphasis are needed in order to make the meaning of the spoken or written more understandable. Sometimes the whole meaning of the phrase changes from incorrect emphasis, and several cases of understanding what is meant, this may seem a problem.

Accent Marks on Mac

Increasingly, we have to communicate over the Internet with residents of other countries and speakers of other languages. When writing a text, you have to use accents in the set of letters. Today I will tell you how to do it in our beloved macOS!

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How to Type Accents on Mac?

Holding the key is the easiest and fastest way to insert an accent or accent. Yes, the tip is so simple! In macOS you can just hold down the key in such a simple way and select the desired character from the ones proposed by clicking on the corresponding number key or use mouse cursor. So go ahead and move on to practice. For example, practice with the letter “E”:

  • Hold “E” button in any text editor on your Mac;
How to Put an Accent Over a Letter on a Mac?
  • You can see a pop-up window with several options for accents;
How to Put an Accent Over a Letter on a Mac?
  • The choice can be made using the trackpad or mouse. It is possible to enter the corresponding number on the keyboard, which is displayed under the accent.


In the same way with foreign languages ​​- if the emphasis is wrong, the meaning of the phrase changes. Fortunately, when typing accents on a Mac, you can be sure that your interlocutor will understand you correctly.

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