To print a large document or book, it is a pity to spend a bunch of paper, and it was for these purposes that a long time ago, two-sided printing was invented. But the problem is that some printers support duplex printing, and some do not.

Accordingly, when you select File -> Print in your program on the macOS, you may not have the appropriate checkmark. But what to do? Spend twice as much paper as necessary? Let’s try to do printing double sided together even if the printer does not support it.

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How to Print Two Sided on Mac?

Below you can find simple instructions on how to print front and back on Mac:

  • So, select the document;
  • I will have a PDF;
  • Click File -> Print or keyboard shortcut Command + P;
How to Print Double Sided on Mac?
  • After that, from the drop-down menu, select instead of “View”, “Show Details” as shown in the picture below;
How to Print Double Sided on Mac?
  • Further, a little lower we select “Pages for printing” -> “Odd Only” and print it;
  • After the printer finishes its work, turn the pages as in the picture below and put them back in the paper feed tray;
  • And then choose to print only even-numbered pages and get started again.
How to Print Double Sided on Mac?

Note: Of course, if your printer supports this feature at the software level, then simply check the “Two-Sided” function with a tick.


If, when printing a document, the margin sizes do not correspond to the settings or the text does not completely fit on the page, it is possible that the margin values set for a given page size in the program conflict with the sizes of the non-printable area of the page specified in the printer settings. Try the non-printable area for this page size to be zero.

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