Getting prints on Macs is a bit different as compared to the settings on Window’s printer. Window’s printer setting does not affect your settings on Mac. If you are new to the Mac and want to print a color page in B & W or even in grayscale then getting a black and white print does not require any special software although it directly depends upon on the printer you use. 

Make sure your printer supports Black and White printings. B&W printers offer a simple way to boost the disparity of documents. These printers also allow you to reduce the use of color ink during the print out of a document, article or any webpage. To get printed documents in Black and White is quite easy but some of the available printers make this task unwieldy in their printing settings. 

Getting a Black and White print on Mac is pretty easy, but its features sometimes tuck because of print settings. Usually, we cover two ways to print in Black and White from a Mac. B&W printing settings available on Mac always depend upon the printer in use.  

In this article, you will get the whole idea of how to get Black and White Print on your Mac. 

Here are the crucial points that will help you to get print on Mac.

  1. Approach the file menu and open your document on any appropriate app such as Microsoft Words, Previous, and TextEdit, etc. whatever you wish too.
  2. Click on the file settings and choose “PRINT” as usual.
  3. Now get more information about your document by clicking on the “show more details” option
  4. Sometimes you see Hide details of the document instead of Show Details, so you can simply continue to the following step.
  5. Here you can get the two options for printing your document.
  6. It all depends on your printer whether you will see Black & White toggle in the window of Black & White print option or not
  • Black & White Printing Option# 1: if the option is available then just check the toggle and print any of your image, document, and webpage 
  • Black & White Printing Option# 2: if you can’t see any option then click on the side of Non-Labeled Application Dropdown menu. In this setting, you will get further options for grayscale printing
  • Choose the Paper Type/Quality option from the drop-down menu. 
  • For selecting the grayscale coloring option for printing, click on the little color options text 
  • Absolutely depend upon your choice, select “Black Ink” very next to the Grayscale Mode Option. 
  • Now select the option of “Print” as normal to get the print of your document chosen in B&W. 

These steps are used to get grayscale or Black and White print on most of the printers. 

Sometimes the black and white printing option is under the “color option” name as Mono or Black Cartridge only. This redundancy is slightly different and completely depends upon the printer drivers, the printer, and the Mac OS version used before. 

This is the wonderful trick for printing the document in general, but in most cases, this is only helpful when you are trying to use conserve ink during printing that doesn’t really benefit the usage of color ink. 

Do the Options of Black and White Printing or Grayscale are missing on the Mac?

If your printer does not support black and white printing of documents that means you don’t have the options to get the print in Black & White. 

Want to print Black & White or grayscale on a Mac, oh but the option is missing. Sometimes the option of Black and White or grayscale printing mode options are missing from the print window. Now, what you can do to get the print? 

Sometimes your printer supports grayscale or Black and White Printing options, and you just have to perform some simple troubleshooting steps. Mainly this means that you either reset the whole print system settings on Mac OS, or you may delete the printer. Update your drivers and then re-add all printer settings. 

  • Delete all settings of the printer and re-add your printer from the printing options found in System Preferences. 
  • Reset all printing system in Mac OS _ this method will also delete and you will have to re-add its settings.

How to Create Black and White Print Preset?

If you often print Black and White images, web pages and documents then you have to create preset with all these settings. Use these steps instead of repeating the procedure any time when you need to print Black and White documents. 

  • Click on the option of the Preset drop-down. You will find this option at the top of the print options window. 
  • Choose the save option to secure your current settings as preset settings. 
  • Select a name for your preset settings, for example, to save it as Black & White. 
  • It completely depends upon your choice whether you want to use these settings only for current printer or want to use this for settings for all printers.
  • Click save option and get your prints. 


You might need to update the drivers or get new drivers for your printer as well. This will depend upon your printer itself and the manufacturer of the printer. 

This method will only work for those printers which support Grayscale and black and white printing in the first place. We can’t force any printer that doesn’t have that printing features to suddenly have a capability to support this setting. 


If none of the above mention patterns resolves your printing issue, then it is recommended to use Reimage Repair Tool. This tool can scan the repositories to replace any of the missing and corrupt files. This tool works in most of the cases. The situation in which issue is not originated due to system corruption, Reimage Tool will optimize the performance of your system and increase its performance.    


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