All modern computers, smartphones and tablets support printing of any documents, web pages, in PDF format, without additional software.

MacOS has a great feature – native support for PDF files. Instead of waiting long for Adobe Acrobat PDF processing (which sometimes lasts for ages), Mac users use the Preview program to quickly open documents.

The native support for PDF files in macOS allows you to print files in a very unclear way.

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PDF is a standard, portable document that contains text and images, is ideal for archiving and sharing web pages, and other documents, and also works on all devices.

Printing PDF File in macOS

Printing to PDF is also integrated in macOS. To save the document in pdf format in any application:

  • Select “Print”, and without paying attention to the printer;
  • Go to the bottom of the dialog box;
  • Here in the PDF menu select “Save as PDF”;
  • Thus, instead of printing a document, macOS prompts you to choose the path to save it in PDF format, enter its name and “Save”.


If you are familiar with the official application from Adobe for Mac, you probably noticed that it has obvious problems with performance. And, frankly, the program interface also leaves much to be desired. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t put up with constant brakes in the interface. Despite all this, he remains a very good tool for working with PDF files on Mac.

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