Almost all people in the world like to spend their free time on the Internet, watching funny, educational or just relaxing videos. They come to the aid of the popular video hosting YouTube, on which anyone can: post your video; see the work already laid out by someone. Also, many iPhone owners listen to music through YouTube in the background, matching it with other things. With computers, everything is clear: you simply turn on the music in one tab, and you do your work in another.

But what if you want only to listen to music on your iPhone from YouTube? The question arises, how to watch YouTube on the iPhone in background mode?

The YouTube website is probably the world’s largest library of songs and music videos that can be viewed on any device. You can listen to your favorite music on the YouTube site in the background while working or doing other important tasks. True, this is only possible on desktop computers, laptops and not on mobile devices, since YouTube on mobiles stops playing as soon as you start using the video player in the background.

Welcome to Google!

I can say with confidence that YouTube has no analogues in the world in terms of quantity. Recently, Google has made a significant amount of changes in YouTube application, in order to earn as much profit as it possible due to advertising, as well as cutting down the functionality of the application and adding questionable paid function for subscribe members only. It’s not fair enough.

YouTube Premium

Unfortunately, the full-fledged launch of YouTube application is currently available only for users with a YouTube Premium subscription. With YouTube Premium you could also save videos to your device for offline viewing and play in the background.

Nonsense guides

In web you can stumble upon a lot of different guides on how to bypass YouTube’s mute when the screen is locked or even run it in the background by application on iOS without a YouTube Premium subscription. I hasten to disappoint you, all these guides are either complete nonsense or simply do not work with the latest system and application updates.

Don’t Give Up!

But don’t be in a hurry to close this page, I’ve managed to find a way to make YouTube work in a locked screen, despite the fact that Google developers are patching YouTube day and night and I don’t know how many months or weeks this method will be available.

Safari will help us with this task!

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How to Play YouTube Videos on a Lock Screen iPhone or iPad

To play video on a locked screen and background with Safari browser, you need make some steps below very attentivly:

  • Open Safari and enter in line web page (do not use Google Search or something else);
How to make YouTube Play Videos on Locked iPhone or iPad
  • When webpage loaded, tap on “Share” button at the bottom of the screen;
How to make YouTube Play Videos on Locked iPhone or iPad
  • Find here “Request Desktop Site” and click on it;
How to make YouTube Play Videos on Locked iPhone or iPad
  • Waiting when page has been refreshed;
  • Search any clip you like to watch ( or listen, maybe! 🙂 );
How to make YouTube Play Videos on Locked iPhone or iPad
  • Tap “Play”;
How to make YouTube Play Videos on Locked iPhone or iPad
  • When clip enter full screen mode, wait for a few seconds for full uploading of data (you can check it in playback line at the bottom);
How to make YouTube Play Videos on Locked iPhone or iPad
  • When uploading finished, next double-click (very quickly) the block key of your iPhone;
How to make YouTube Play Videos on Locked iPhone or iPad
  • On Lock screen you see player for managing video;
  • Now when you unlock your device just tap “Home” button to slide Safari to the background;
  • YouTube should continue playing;
  • Enjoy!

If you have some troubles, just try algorithm, again. Be attentive for details!

There is a simple solution that allows you to play any YouTube videos in the locked screen mode with Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: I’m sure, that this method does not work in iOS 9 and iOS 8 or earlier versions, so if you want to make to play YouTube clips in lock screen mode on your iPhone you will have to follow the other way.

If you know some other way to solve this problem, share it with me in comments!


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