Sonos – the only company in the world that sells not just a device, but also a unique service. The competitors have nothing of the kind and are not expected in the near future. In this articles we well see on main advantages and how to connect Spotify on your iPhone with Sonos.

Sonos Systems

Songs that you know eternity and new performers. Retro. Indie. Rock. Jazz. The Sonos wireless system also plays music from your collection and composition of online music services such as Apple Music and Deezer and broadcasts of thousands of free Internet radio stations. Wirelessly using Sonos, you can listen to music stored on your Android smartphone or tablet on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Convenience Sonos Systems

In the living room. In the kitchen. In the cinema. In home. On the street. Listen to different compositions in different rooms or one throughout the house with perfect sound synchronization in all rooms. Sonos components are connected to each other wirelessly, creating rich, presence-oriented sound that fills your home with music.

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Sonos App for iPhone

Command your Sonos Hi-Fi wireless system from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – whatever you have. Just download the free app from the AppStore or directly from the Sonos website using your computer. Each resident of the house will be able to control their music at the same time. Quickly find artists, albums, songs and stations in your music library, on internet radio and in music services. Without hassle, create playlists from all your music sources, right in the app.

How to Connect Spotify to Sonos?

In order to play Spotify music through the Sonos column, do the following:

  • Make sure both devices are on the same wireless network;
  • Launch Spotify on your iPhone, and play music;
  • Open Play tab;
How to Play Spotify on Sonos?
  • At the bottom of the Spotify playback display you will see the “Device available” icon;
How to Play Spotify on Sonos?
  • On the “Device available” page, select the Sonos device from the list of proposed ones;
How to Play Spotify on Sonos?
  • That’s all now music will delight you with their unsurpassed Sonos speaker system.


To understand Sonos, you must be able to use it. To do this, you can come to one of the professional showrooms in which you can evaluate the capabilities of this system with your music and in your home format, as close as possible to reality.

If you already use Sonos – what do you like most about the audio system? What recommendations do you have for future owners? Which speaker did you purchase in which room, and how are your zones arranged? In general, tell us about your impressions.


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