Watching the musical addictions of my friends, I increasingly note the increased popularity of lossless formats. Five years ago, it was hard to imagine, because the amount of disk space was quite expensive, and the data transfer rate was low.

The situation during this time has changed a lot. Modern iPhones now comes with a 256GB drive, and broadband penetrated the province. However, if you want to listen to music in lossless format on a Mac, you should know about some of the features that this article is dedicated to.

What is Lossless?

There are two types of audio compression: Lossy and Lossless.

Lossy compression is lossy compression. Files compressed by one of the Lossy formats take up less disk space and are transferred faster.

Lossless is a compression method in which the quality practically does not suffer or decreases imperceptibly. Music in Lossless formats is usually listened to with good equipment.

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Play Flac on Mac

There are not many flac players that would allow playing files of all lossless formats for macOS. It remains either to convert lossless files from their formats to the Apple Lossless format and listen in iTunes, or install additional players.

VLC – does not need an introduction, many macOS users love it for the ability to view almost all video files. However, the program itself can also play lossless music. Supported formats are FlAC, Apple Lossless, Money Audio and others. Although VLC allows you to listen to lossless music without problems, it is inferior in terms of convenience to music players.

Making VLC play the FLAC file is very simple, just right-click on the file and select the line “Open with …” and select VLC from the list.

Lossless Formats

There are more than a dozen compression formats for audio files without loss of quality, but the following is worth stopping:

  • FLAC is an audio codec that is distributed under the free GNU GPL license. This is one of the most famous lossless formats. Flip files cannot be played on iPod. You must either transcode the music to other formats, or reflash the iPod with third-party firmware (for example, Rockbox);
  • WavPack is another open source coding format;
  • Monkey’s Audio is a fairly popular encoding format, which is notable among other things for its free distribution, open source code, but under a proprietary license. Monkey’s Audio files have the extension .ape and .apl.

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