Well, you know: to delete an unnecessary file or folder, on the “Mac” you need to either drag it into the trash bin. Tired of “Recycle Bin”? No problems! The current macOS allows you to delete files without it, sending objects straight to the binary black hole, and an excellent Option key serves this purpose.

Permanently Delete Files on Mac Bypassing the Recycle Bin

If you are not happy with keyboard shortcuts, you can use an alternative method. To do this, select the object and open the “File” section in the macOS menu bar with the Option key pressed. The desired item is called “Delete Immediately”.

How to Permanently Delete Files on Mac to Bypassing Recycle Bin?

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Note: Do not forget that the removal described above is not an analogue of safe cleaning “Trash”. It’s looks like force deleting a file in a Mac system without restore opportunity.

Alternate Keystroke Method

For convenience, we recommend that you remember the combination of “hot keys” for permanent deletion: in our case, this is Option (Alt) + Command + Delete. But it should be used carefully and with increased attention.

How to Permanently Delete Files on Mac to Bypassing Recycle Bin?


Of course, you can speculate on the long-standing availability of such an opportunity in competing solutions, such as Microsoft, but such facts are unlikely to become the reason for most users to install Windows as a second system.

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  1. High Sierra did not work for me. I moved the contents of Time machine to my desktop to copy it to another portable hard drive. I know from experience how long it takes to delete the folder. The first method above. Delete Immediately was not an option not even listed under file. The second option froze with an error message no files to delete

    • Vincent Reply

      Hi, John! Sorry I couldn’t test this methods in High Sierra. On the publishing time I was tested this feature in Mojave macOS it works.

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