Since not every file can be sent by e-mail, users often first package it into an archive (usually ZIP or RAR) so that it takes up as little space as possible.

You can easily open a similar folder on your computer – even standard tools of the operating system are suitable for this. But what if you urgently need to unzip the file on your iPhone, but there is no laptop at hand?

Open Zip Files on iPhone

The first situation is if you received a zip file via email or iMessage. Starting a long ago with iOS 7, the Mail and Messages applications automatically unzip zip files, so you do not need to open an attachment in a third-party program. It is more difficult with rar archives – you will have to install a special application and use the “Open in” button.

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Mail and Messages are, for the time being, the only standard iOS applications that allow you to quickly view the contents of a zip archive. If you received the file in a different way (via AirDrop, in a third-party mail client, in Safari), programs from third-party developers cannot do here. For me, the best solution in this direction was the File Hub utility – a file manager, a data uploader from cloud storage, a music player, a PDF viewer and, of course, an archiver.

How to Open Zip Files on iPhone?

This application supports eight archive formats, allows you to send files to your computer via Wi-Fi and is even equipped with a built-in music player;

After receiving the file, you can always click “Open in” and in the pop-up menu, select File Hub.


Of course, free archivers can be found in the App Store, but they will not be able to boast such a large number of functions (add to this the built-in purchases and a lot of advertising). Here you essentially get several applications in one, and very, very high-quality ones.

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