Even after you go to the macOS platform, certain formats, native to Windows PC, will haunt you. Until now, the corporate segment prefers Excel as the main tool for working with tables. How to provide your Mac the ability to open and edit data files in Excel format without MS Office, I will tell in this material.

Under macOS, there has long been a fully functional version of Microsoft Office, no different from the one used on Windows. Moreover, there are others, including free word processors, including OpenOffice or Numbers, which can open and edit XLS files. And what if you don’t want to take up disk space for programs that are used once a month at best?

Opening Data Files in Excel Equivalent App from Google

Probably the most convenient way to keep your documents at hand (on any device with a browser and the Internet) is to download them to Google Docs. The only disadvantage of the service is the lack of support for files created in Apple applications (Pages, Keynote and Numbers), but for Microsoft Word and Excel files this is an ideal option.

How to Open Data Files in Excel on Mac?

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To work with Excel spreadsheets in Google Docs, follow these steps:

  • Register your Google account;
  • Go to the Google Docs service page;
  • At the top of the screen, select the required online web application: Docs, Sheets, etc;
How to Open Data Files in Excel on Mac?
  • To create a new document, click the “+” button at the bottom of the screen.
How to Open Data Files in Excel on Mac?
  • To add files from your computer, click on the File -> Open;
  • Upload the required documents.
How to Open Data Files in Excel on Mac?

Opening Data Files in Excel Equivalent App from Apple

How to Open Data Files in Excel on Mac?

And if you need more, we strongly recommend installing the Numbers program from the Mac App Store, especially since Apple itself offers this option. All you need is to click on the data file in Excel format and the Numbers App will automatically launch it.


In general, the simpler the document, the greater the compatibility between Numbers and Office. Complicated documents do not tolerate movement between Office and Apple Numbers very well, because they will lose some data with each export. If you need the most convenient functionality, I recommend using the native set of programs from Microsoft.

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