Contains a playlist of MP3 files and other audio and video files. Displays a list of media file locations in plain text format. Winamp was originally used and is currently supported by several other media players.

In this article we will see how to open, convert and download M3U files with iTunes.

How to Open M3U File

Once you’ve been on the Internet, even if you’re a podcast or not music:

  • Open iTunes and click “Open Stream” under the File;
  • Copy the downloaded M3U audio URL and paste it into the pop window;
  • Play the audio in the “Internet Songs” section of library.
How to Open and Manipulate M3U File in iTunes?

Convert M3U to MP3

This type of file can be easily converted to an MP3 file. We will tell you how to do this.

Convert M3U file to MP3

  • Open the M3U file using the Media Player or add all the M3U files to one playlist;
  • Select File -> Save As;
  • Then select the destination folder created earlier;
  • And click Save.
  • If everything was done correctly, you will get a standard MP3 file.

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Downloading M3U Container Audio with CURL

  • Copy the audio URL from the m3u container with cat:
cat example.m3u
  • Launch Terminal, then use the following command syntax:
curl -O [url]


Being a format that was originally developed for audio files, currently this format supports playlists, and also indicates to the media player the address for playing audio files online. All this led to the fact that today the format supports a huge number of media players and applications. The format can be opened by both Windows and Mac devices, as well as mobile devices.

However, it should be noted that such files cannot be created on mobile devices (it is only possible to open them and use them to listen to the radio online). Sending M3U files is very difficult and completely useless (except when sending files that refer to files online), because The M3U file must have access to video and audio files.

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