I think the name of this guide will surprise even beginners in iOS: everyone knows that to move the application you need to hold your finger on it until the icons tremble, after which the apps presented on the Home screen can be arranged, arranged in folders, and also moved to other pages or screens. However, in iOS 13, Apple changed this feature. In this article I’ll show you how to move apps on iPhone home screen in iOS 13.

Arrange Apps on iPhone Home Screen

In iOS 13, Apple made a long press with the analogue of a strong one, and holding your finger on the iPhone home screen icon you will get a similar menu:

  • One of the solutions to the problem is already in the screenshot above – this is the item “Edit Home Screen”, when selected, crosses appear on the icons;
  • The second option is less obvious: even when the 3D Touch menu pops up, continue to hold your finger on the icon for some more time (in the sum of about 3 seconds), after which you could move iPhone icons.

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iOS 13 contains many new features, but the Home screen in the new version remains the same. In addition, Apple removed the 3D Touch and replaced the technology with the Haptic Touch, which made some actions more difficult. Using 3D Touch, moving and deleting applications was easy and convenient with a single tap on the screen. Now the method has changed a bit and has become more difficult.

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