A disk image is a special file that includes the data and structure of any physical disk. Mac images often have the extension * .dmg, but other types of virtual disks are also used. In the process of mounting the image, the operating system recognizes the disk and then can use it just like any other physical media. I want to talk about how to mount the image on a Mac and which program to mount the image works in this operating system.

To mount an image on a Mac, we often use a special utility. If it is installed, it is enough to double-click on the image file, and it will immediately be ready for use. However, this application does not recognize all types of images. If for some reason the “native” Mac program does not want to open your image, then I advise you to use a third-party solution.

But anyway, the Mac itself does easily simple tasks for working with disk images, and in this article I will show you several ways to mount ISO images in macOS, just in a few clicks.


The most simple and obvious way is to use Finder. Just find the ISO image that you are going to mount on your system and double click on it. After that, it will immediately appear in the sidebar of the program or on the Desktop of the computer.

Disk Utility

The second way is the Disk Utility program that will be happy to help you with working with ISO images in MacOS:

  • Open the “Disk Utility”;
  • On the top panel open the “File” and click “Open Disk Image”;
How to Mount an ISO on a Mac in a few Clicks?
  • In the search window, select the file you want to mount and click “Open”;
How to Mount an ISO on a Mac in a few Clicks?
  • After this steps, it will immediately appear in the sidebar of the program and on the Desktop.
How to Mount an ISO on a Mac in a few Clicks?

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The third method makes it possible to manage ISO images via the command line:

hdiutil mount /path/to/your/image/ISO

Press “Enter“, after checking the checksum, the image will appear on the desktop or in the Finder sidebar.

Third-party Solutions

A third-party image mount program is a special application that allows the operating system to recognize a virtual disk. Mounting a virtual image is the same as inserting a real disk into the drive. As noted above, you can mount virtual disks with a system utility, but it is better to use special software for this. In this case, you will not have problems with the incompatibility of types, but how to mount the image on a Mac using a special program, I will tell below. The example uses DAEMON Tools, a compact and simple solution designed specifically to work with virtual copies of disks.


I hope this article showed you all the possible ways to interact with ISO images. I would not use third-party solutions for everyday tasks associated with mounting in macOS. On the other hand, the Daemons Tools has a number of side functions, such as writing an image to a disk and creating a bootable flash drive. In any case, use all the above methods to find the best one.

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