iPhone (iPad), as an individual device, in most cases fully meets the requirements of the owner. However, what to do when there is a desire to watch a movie in a large company or to show photographs to friends? In this case, you can connect the smartphone to the Apple TV and play everything on the big screen.

What is Screen Mirroring?

AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary technology that provides much more features. With its help, you can start broadcasting a video or a photo to a TV directly from the Photos application with just a few touches. Or completely duplicate the iPhone screen on the TV. This also applies to the iPad. This technology is available on all iOS and Mac OS devices. Communication works directly (not through a router). This is an analogue of Miracast technology, which is used on Android devices and is built into almost all Smart TVs.

Note: Miracast and AirPlay are not compatible.

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Screen Mirror with iPhone or iPad

To start broadcasting content from an iPhone or iPad to a TV, it’s enough to follow a fairly simple procedure:

  • Go to the iPhone or iPad to the Control Center (gesture from the bottom of the screen up) and select Screen Mirroring;
  • Select the device on which we are going to broadcast our screen;
  • The connection will be established automatically, which will be signaled by the corresponding icon in the status bar of the iPhone or iPad.

Airplay on Display with Apple TV

Connecting your iPhone to your TV via Apple TV can be described in a few words – quickly, reliably, and expensively. Naturally, it is unprofitable to make money exclusively for displaying images from the iPhone screen on a TV, however, in general, buying this device is unlikely to be unjustified.

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Screen Mirroring on Apple TV

With this connection, the performance of the TV is completely unimportant – all resource-intensive processes will be performed by the set-top box.

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