Sooner or later, iPhone users face such a problem as duplicate contacts in the address book. This problem is particularly relevant when changing smartphones frequently and using the iCloud cloud service for data storage. It may also appear when the synchronization of the smartphone with the Google account is enabled.

In this article we will see how to merge or delete dublicates in your contact book.

Remove duplicate contacts on the iPhone is convenient using the free application from the company Business Contacts Solutions. Follow our instructions and you will not have any questions. The only thing we recommend is that before starting the procedure, in order to avoid accidental deletion of numbers, make a backup of your contacts with iTunes or iCloud.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

  • Download the free Cleanup Duplicate Contacts application from this link;
  • Run the app and confirm that you are ready to provide it with access to the phonebook and the iPhone;
  • Click the Analyze button. The program before starting the scan will offer to also use data from cloud services.

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How to Merge Two or More Contacts on the iPhone

There may be two or more entries on the iPhone with the same person’s contacts. Such records can be combined into one contact and how to do this, I will describe below:

  • Tap the Contacts application;
  • Find the two entries that you want to combine into one contact;
  • Select this entry and click “Edit” in the upper right corner;
How to Merge Contacts on iPhone?
  • Click “Link Contact”;
How to Merge Contacts on iPhone?
  • Find the second entry you want to merge with the first. Make sure that the second entry contains the contact information of the same person as the first;
  • Click “Link” in the upper right corner;
  • Click “Done” in the upper right corner to save the changes.


Combine records only if each of them contains unique contact information. Delete entries with duplicate or outdated information.

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