The standard Mail mail application for the iPhone and iPad was significantly improved at the time of the release of iOS 7 and received a number of significant improvements.

One of these updates was the ability to mark all incoming messages as read by one click.

New feature allows you to speed up the process of viewing messages, without the use of various tweaks. It’s hard to imagine how iOS users used to do without this feature, but with the release of iOS 7, this simple option has become very popular.

If you use your Google account in your iPhone, it will not be difficult for you to mark the letters from as read in the default Mail application, this is exactly what the article will cover today.

Mark All E-mails as Read in Mail for Gmail in the iPhone

To use the new feature you need:

  • Open your inbox in Mail;
  • Click the “Edit” button that appears in the upper right corner;
  • Click the “Mark all” button;
  • Select “Mark as Read”.

To make sure that all messages are marked as read, you can scroll down the page, which will load and mark more messages.

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It is noteworthy that the letters that are not downloaded after scrolling will not necessarily be marked as read, although this feature, in most cases, depends on the personal email settings.


After these simple manipulations, all messages in the Inbox folder will be marked as read, and the blue mark will disappear next to them.

In addition, the new feature allows you to quickly get rid of the round red warning about unread mail on the Mail application icon, which annoys many.

Similarly, not all can be marked as read, but selective letters, indicating them manually.

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