The order should be everywhere, including on your Mac’s Desktop. You can clean and organize your Mac desktop in a variety of ways. First of all, you can group files into folders for easy tracking and structuring. You can do this as follows.

Organize Desktop Files and Folders

We have a habit of many: all the files needed to work here and now, download and collect on the desktop computer. Or in the “Downloads” folder.

The result after a couple of days is pitiable: there is a dump. A couple of hundreds of icons superimposed on each other. Straining eyes. Find in this dump something happens only through the Finder or Spotlight search.

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Simply highlight the items you want to group, click one of them, hold down the Control key, and select “New folder from selected” in the context menu. Then enter the folder name. All selected files will be placed in a new folder.

Customize your Desktop

Window “View Options”

Thanks to the settings for the items on the desktop, by changing the view parameters, you can change the size of the icons, arrange them in a grid or set others.

To change the settings, follow this instruction:

  • From your desktop, select “View” -> “Show View Options”;
How to Manage, Hide or Remove Icons from Mac Desktop?
  • In the window that appears, select the settings that will bring the desktop to the desired state for you;
How to Manage, Hide or Remove Icons from Mac Desktop?
  • The effect of change can be seen immediately.

Items Displayed on the Desktop

Use the Finder settings to choose which types of items will appear on the desktop:

  • Click the Desktop;
  • Go to the “Finder” -> “Preferences…”, and then select “General”;
  • In the “General” section, select the items that should be displayed on the desktop, such as hard and external drives, etc.
How to Manage, Hide or Remove Icons from Mac Desktop?


Some Mac users complain that with a large number of different files located on the desktop, the Mac starts to slow down a bit. Unfortunately, I cannot personally confirm this fact – I have very few files on a Mac. Moving files from the “Desktop” is not always convenient, but unfortunately for productive work this cannot be avoided.

Otherwise, working with a computer will become increasingly uncomfortable and annoying. But you need something just a few minutes a week, or even a month, to pay for cleaning the desktop.

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