When Apple launched iOS 7 in 2013, simplicity, flatness of images and thinness of lines became the main trend in the design of mobile operating systems for the following years. Not all users agree with the latter, for example, those who do not have perfect vision.

So, if you have difficulty reading the text of icons and all other symbols, it makes sense to slightly change the standard appearance of the iOS interface to suit your needs, namely, add the “bold” property to the system font. These actions will also not be superfluous if you transfer your old iPhone to parents or elderly people.

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In this instruction, I will not touch on the font size of the iPhone, but only change its format.

How to Bold Text on iPhone?

You can achieve good readability without increasing the font size. iPhone Bold text feature is make much better visible, it contrasts excellently with the background. This is very easy to do, just follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Settings in iOS;
How to Make Text Bold on iPhone?
  • Go to the “Display & Brightness” section;
How to Make Text Bold on iPhone?
  • Set the “Bold Text” switch to the active position.
How to Make Text Bold on iPhone?


After restarting the iPhone, the font of the iOS interface will change and it will be easier to see for people with low vision.

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