So that on the night of December 24 at 25, the mood was truly Christmas, you should prepare for the holiday in advance.

And you can start small:

  • Stop reading political news;
  • Watch Home Alone;
  • Collect a Christmas selection of songs in iTunes;
  • And set beautiful holiday wallpapers on your desktop.

As always, I carefully selected images that look equally good on any Mac, up to the new MacBook Pro 16 “with a Retina display.

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Therefore, the Christmas Spirit is guaranteed, regardless of the size of the diagonal of your screen. And, by the way, no one bothers them install the same wallpaper on an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone – this is how all your Apples will be prepared for Christmas.

Enjoy it. Merry Christmas!

Desktop Christmas Tree

Blinking Christmas Lights

Falling Snow Lights

And a happy new year!


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