Surely every owner of an Apple device at least once in his life came across a situation where during a conversation on FaceTime the interlocutor showed something that needed to be captured.

Until recently, a function allowing you to take screenshots was used for this, but now everything has become much simpler. From now on, you can take pictures directly using FaceTime, and, even more interesting, not ordinary static pictures, but “live” photos (Live Photo). In this article, we will see where do facetime photos go in FaceTime Apps.

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How to Make Live Pics while Talking on FaceTime?

Follow the instructions and you will succeed:

  • During a FaceTime call, a shutter button appeared on the screen of a device running iOS 11 (or newer) or macOS High Sierra (or newer);
  • Click on it (or use the touchpad on a Mac) and the new photo will be immediately saved in the Photos app;
  • “Live” photos are a short video along with a static image.

Now such a picture seems just funny, but imagine how you look at it in a few years, when the children depicted on it grow up, or friends leave for distant lands.


In order to disable the ability for the interlocutor to take live pictures, in the Settings application, select FaceTime and simply slide the switch next to the Live Photo FaceTime option.

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