For a long time, FaceTime in iOS has been a popular and very convenient means of communication. Many users have appreciated the ability to make video calls to their friends and relatives around the world absolutely free. Nevertheless, do not forget that in addition to video, FaceTime also has the function of audio calls.

It is noteworthy that it can be used to make voice calls in order to save money, for example, for calls to “other” networks or while roaming. Moreover, this feature will turn iPod touch into iPhone.

What is FaceTime Audio?

This useful feature allows you to make voice calls using your iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod touch using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G with an Internet connection. The technology, known as VoIP, has been used in telecommunications for quite some time, but in FaceTime it has been optimized for greater communication convenience among fans of Apple products.

To make voice calls, just activate FaceTime on your device and connect to the Internet. Moreover, it is not even necessary to know the subscriber’s phone number – the function uses its email address, of course, if the FaceTime service is activated on its device.

Who Want to Use FaceTime?

First of all, the service is absolutely free. This means that you can save paid minutes of the tariff plan by using it to make calls via Wi-Fi, while at home, at work or in a cafe. It is noteworthy that in this way you can make free calls even abroad.

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How to Use FaceTime Calls?

Activating the function is very simple. To check, just find someone who has an iPhone or iPad:

  • Find the FaceTime option under the phone number of the subscriber – there should be camera and phone icons on the right;
  • Click on the phone icon to make voice calls;
  • Accordingly for a video call, you must click on the camera icon.
How to Make a FaceTime Call?

You can also make voice calls using the FaceTime app. To do this, open the program, go to the Audio tab, then the plus sign in order to add a contact or find it through the search function.

How to Activate FaceTime Calls?

If the FaceTime function on the iOS device is not activated, then do the following:

  • Open the Settings -> FaceTime section;
How to Make a FaceTime Call?
  • Activate FaceTime tumbler;
How to Make a FaceTime Call?
  • If neccasary, click on “Your Apple ID for FaceTime”;
  • Enter your account information;
  • Click “Sign In”.


After the FaceTime option is activated, you can safely select subscribers of Apple devices with the FaceTime option enabled, with which you want to contact. In this case, to make a call, you can specify both a phone number and an email address.

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