If you, like me, are not completely satisfied with the result of the added Dark Theme in the Mojave macOS, then welcome to this article. Here I will tell you how to make the Dark theme “truly Dark”. We slightly increase the contrast and make the window buttons monochrome.

Among the many macOS Mojave chips there is a dark mode that makes it easy to use the device at night and in a dimly lit room. But even when you switch to this mode, bright color elements remain on the screen. For example, blue arrows in drop-down lists or window control buttons.

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How to Enable the Darker Dark Theme in macOS?

However, there is a way to make backgrounds in applications even darker and remove extraneous colors in general. As a result, the macOS screen will become almost monochrome and will cut your eyes even less in the evenings.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open System Preferences;
  • Click the General section;
How to Make a Dark Mode in macOS Mojave More Darker?
  • Turn on the Dark Mode;
  • Then change the color accent from Cyan to Graphite.
How to Make a Dark Mode in macOS Mojave More Darker?


After that, the background of the windows will change from light gray to a little darker, and the controls will become colorless. To completely get rid of annoying white backgrounds, turn on night mode also in the browser.


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